Bench Bar Conference: Melanie Wender, Chair –
Organizes the annual Bench Bar Conference.

Bench Bar Relations: Christopher J. Brill, Chair  –

Budget & Bar Property: Lawrence R. Scheetz, Jr., Chair
Oversees the finances of the Association and the maintenance and repairs to the building.

Bylaws: Joanne M. Murray, Chair –
Reviews the bylaws and drafts recommendations as needed.

Community Legal Education/Law Day:
Organizes Law Day activities and People’s Law School; provides legal education to the community on a continual basis.

Dispute Resolution: R. Tyler Tomlinson, Chair –
Educates the public and the membership about alternate means of resolving disputes.

Diversity Committee: Tiffany Thomas-Smith, Chair 
Explores programs and initiatives to achieve greater diversity in the Bucks County legal community.

Entertainment Committee: Kimberly Litzke, Chair

Fee Disputes: Jill M. Vogenberg-Richter, Chair –
Deals with fee disputes in accordance with procedures outlined in the Association’s Reference Handbook.

Law Reporter: Frank J. Sullivan, Chair –
Monitors the operation of The Bucks County Law Reporter.

Lawyer Referral & Information Service: Adrian L. Meyer, Chair –
Oversees the activities of the service and determines policy.

Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers: David Truelove, Chair –
Assists lawyers with substance abuse problems including assistance with mental & emotional stability/stress problems and problems related to gambling.

Legislative: David Truelove, Chair –
Analyzes legislation and educates the public and the Bar Association regarding its political impact.

Long Term Planning Committee: Jeremy Puglia,

Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE): Richard Howard, Chair –
Oversees substantive and ethics courses offered by the Association and monitors content according to the requirements established by the state CLE Board.

Member Services: Erin Aronson, Chair 
Works toward increasing membership in the Association.

Newsletter Editorial: Jason R. Weiss, Chair –
Provides editorial content of the BCBA Newsletter, The WRITS.

Pro Bono: Shari Gelfont Williams, Chair –
Develops and promotes the delivery of pro bono services and monitors the BCBA Pro Bono Program.

Unauthorized Practice of Law: Robert T. Repko, Chair
Will be the initial defender and advocate against the Unauthorized Practice of Law and CEASE AND DESIST letters, where appropriate, after appropriate investigation.

Veterans’ Affairs Committee: John Hart, Chair


Appellate Law:

Business Law: Jeffrey G. DiAmico, Chair –

Civil Litigation: Linda Shick, Chair –

Child Advocacy:  Judith Algeo, Co-Chair – and Timothy Barton, Co-Chair –

Criminal Law: Keith Bidlingmier, Chair – 

Family Law: Hillary Moonay, Co-Chair – and Elizabeth Fineman, Co-Chair –

Federal Courts: Stuart Wilder, Chair –

In-House & General Counsel: Stephanie Shortall, Chair –

Intellectual Property: Douglas Ryder, Chair –

Orphans’ Court/Estate Planning & Probate Law: John Benson, Chair

Real Estate: Georgeann R. Fusco, Co-Chair- and Maureen Burke Carlton, Co-Chair –

Solo & Small Practice: Pamela A. Van Blunk,  Co- Chair – and Dina Brilliant, Co-Chair-

Technology and the Legal Profession Section: Jason Weiss, Co-Chair – and Matt Hoover,

Workers’ Compensation Law: Angela Lorenz, Co-Chair – and Kaitlin Files,



The Women Lawyers’ Division (WLD) provides an open forum to discuss  issues facing women in the legal profession, sponsors programs that focus on topics relating to the careers and advancement of women who practice law in Bucks County, and WLD offers social, educational and professional networking opportunities.  WLD is open to all members of the Bucks County Bar Association who are interested in helping us achieve our goals while getting support in achieving their own.

Mentor Program:  The Mentor Program was developed to help newer attorneys succeed by pairing them with more experienced attorneys who can guide them through the channels of practicing law.  More experienced attorneys provide newer attorneys with opportunities to learn and grow.  The Mentor Program is administered by the WLD and is open to all members of the Bucks County Bar Association.  This is a one-year commitment, although a mentor and mentee may extend this term to suit their needs. Apply to  the Mentor Program.

For more information about the WLD, its mission and its programs, please contact the 2021 WLD Officers:


The Young Lawyers’ Division (YLD) of the Bucks County Bar Association prides itself as being one of the most active organizations within the Association. As an added benefit to membership in the BCBA, all lawyers who are under 38 years of age or who have been practicing law for less than five years receive membership in the division. All YLD members are encouraged to actively participate in the division.

The following persons accepted positions on the YLD 2021 Executive Board:

YLD Advisory Council:

  • Josephine Lee Wolf
  • Michael Shelton
  • Will Oetinger
  • Joseph Ramagli
  • Aimee Schnecker
  • Thomas Nolan
  • John Uetz
  • Gabe Montemuro 
  • Jennifer Pierce