Darwin IP Advisors is pleased to announce the transfer of the remaining assets from the Beamreach Solar, Inc. (f/k/a Solexel, Inc.) Patent Portfolio (with the closing of the 7th and 8th transactions in July 2019.  These last two transactions, along with two of the six earlier transactions, were structured to backstop start-ups in the renewable energy sector by providing foundational technology and exercisable collateral for further investment rounds.  The four other transactions were completed with long-standing operating companies: (i) a solar manufacturer with a diverse array of commercial/residential products, (ii) global innovative automotive manufacturer, (iii) bio-pharma company pursuing alternative applications, and (iv) a major distributer in the solar industry.  Darwin IP Advisors is proud that the entire Intellectual Asset portfolio, which was developed using greater than $250 million of R&D investment and Department of Energy funding, is now in the hands of operating companies.  With the completion of these transactions, this innovative and instrumental thin, flexible solar portfolio (comprised of more than 180 families and 700 assets) is now positioned to support the continued research/technology development and further the product roadmaps for these companies.

Since forming Darwin IP Advisors in 2016, IP Section Chair David Shoneman (david@darwinipadvisors.com; 267-573-4257), has provided intellectual property support and advisory services to local, national and international organizations: corporations, financial institutions, start-ups / small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and consulting groups.