With just seven years until the firm’s  150th anniversary, Eastburn and Gray, P.C. is pleased to announce the election of Grace M. Deon as the firm’s new President and CEO. She succeeds D. Rodman Eastburn.

Ms. Deon is the first woman to lead a major law firm headquartered in Bucks County. Her Presidency comes on the heels of the election, earlier this year, of two new female shareholders: Erin Kernan Aronson and Sarah A. Eastburn. “We believe strongly in talent and hard work and these three women personify both qualities,” said Mr. Eastburn.  “Grace’s elevation to the Presidency is no accident.”

Ms. Deon’s election is part of the firm’s plan, long in the making, to transition its leadership to a new generation of its shareholders. Joining Ms. Deon on the firm’s 2020 management committee will be Robert M. Cox, Kimberly Litzke, Henry E. VanBlunk, Julie L. Von Spreckelsen and Robert R. Watson, Jr. This leadership team includes lawyers with diverse practice portfolios, who are leaders in their practice areas, and have all served the firm and its clients for many years.

Stepping down from the management committee are D. Rodman Eastburn, Derek J. Reid, John A. VanLuvanee and Thomas F.J. MacAniff. All are continuing as active shareholders with busy practices and will be available as mentors to the new team.  “The truth is we need to position the firm for future growth, and I can think of no one in whom I have greater confidence than Grace and her new team,” said Mr. Eastburn.